Affinity Diagram

  • Problems, Issues
  • Solutions
  • Opinions
  1. Identify major categories for the information and have color-coded sticky notes for these people to write ideas on.
  2. Place each of the factors within its associated category. Continue dividing the factors until each has been placed under an appropriate category.
  3. Prioritize the information, and put the ideas in descending order.
  4. Analyze the affinity diagram with members. This will help your team reach a conclusion or better understand the key issues to address.
  1. While identifying groupings/categories, create major categories into which the solutions or factors can be arranged. These groupings should be logical and should be able to encompass several factors.



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Shambhavi Patil

Shambhavi Patil

A 20-year-old with an avid interest in innovations brought about in IT, Business Analytics, and Product Management!